Sneak Peak in Jogja (part 2)


I don't know since when i love to posting more photos than words. I just realize that PICTURE gives more information than words. So, this is another photos from my and armas-vivi "journey" in jogja. The photographer are three of us. you'll find out who's taking picture because the person is not on frame.hha

Our first destination, Mirota batik. Shop shop shop :D 

 "we put mask so we live"

 after mirota and bookstore, we stoped at taman pintar buat dzuhuran
 Maaf ibu, aku kalap belanjanya, LOL. no, its mine,vivi and ams groceries
 seriously, this is our serious face when read the map
 vivi and the big cycle. Whoop 

 we want to go to the "beringin kembar" at the south side of the keraton. but we're lost !!

 The next day, we went to the parangtritis beach. Gloomy cloudy day 

I really really love this pic
 before we back to jogja, im taking pic of ams wearing a nice "topi pinjaman" 

 malioboro in the afternoon, this pic taken by vivi before me and her change our dress
 our cycling trip ended at "alun-alun selatan" for dinner. Vivi lost her phone here,right after we took this pic :( 
 so the next day, me and ams continue our trip to the inside of keraton. do i look like a princess without kebaya here ? 

 After keraton, we went to the "museum kereta" now im believe in a fairy tale 

Last destination, Prambanan temple. Tapi candi utamanya yg ada patung Roro Jonggrang sedang dipugar, jadi kita ga bisa masuk :( There is a myth about Prambanan, if you going to the prambanan with your couple, your relationship will end. Believe it or not

The last pic taken by ams when we went to Pasar Beringharjo for some lunch, i added one armas' funny expression pic when we were at mirota

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