Sneak Peak in Jogja

This is my re-first post after i decide to erased half of my posts
Anyway, last month i went to Jogjakarta. I was going to visit my grandma, but the number 1 mission is to find some literature and books for my special DATE, SKRIPSI. Im not alone vivi and armas -the hottie couple- are join me.

Since my last post is in october last year, i felt strange to start writing. So i think i'd better post some of pic i've taken using Capella in Jogja.  

House of Raminten's Lemonade

Sooo falling for this place, Gudeg Wijilan Bu Lies 3 at Jl. Gamelan

can you tell me what is this ? feel free to interpretate :)

Craft in Mirota 

The hottie couple 
This is Vivi, she is wearing a traditional devil mask

my favourite, at the secret bookstore 

Afternoon riding at malioboro, well, i had some accident with "Andong" when ride back to the hotel 

a piece from ...... let your imagination flew 

That's all from my Capella, i still waiting more pic from armas with his new camera.. I'll post more pic of our vacation 

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